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An audiology assistant is a person who, after appropriate training and demonstration of competency, performs delegated tasks that are supervised by a certified and/or licensed audiologist.

Audiology assistants may or may not be regulated by state laws and regulations, and the supervising audiologist is responsible for determining the applicable requirements in his or her state and work setting.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

Audiology assistants engage in only those tasks that are planned, delegated, and supervised by the audiologist and permitted by state law.
The duties and responsibilities assigned are based on the training, available supervision, and specific work setting.
The scope of practice of the supervising audiologist also dictates the duties and responsibilities assigned to the audiology assistant.
The list below provides examples and is not meant to be all inclusive.
The types of services that audiology assistants perform—if permitted by state law and when the assistant has demonstrated competence—include the following:
packaging and mailing earmold orders, device repairs, and manufacturer/lab returns
maintaining inventories of supplies and checking function of equipment
performing checks on hearing aids and other amplification devices
performing troubleshooting and minor repairs to hearing aids, earmolds, and other amplification devices
cleaning hearing aids and other amplification devices
performing electroacoustic analysis of hearing aids and other amplification devices
instructing patients in proper use and care of hearing aids and other amplification devices
demonstrating alerting and assistive listening devices
assisting audiologists with setup and technical tasks
preparing materials for ear impressions
maintaining and restocking test and treatment rooms
performing equipment maintenance and biological checks conducting hearing and tympanometric screening on older children and adults (without interpretation)
conducting otoacoustic emission screening
performing non-diagnostic otoscopy
Job Requirements

Minimum qualifications for audiology assistants include the following:

Minimum educational standards required by the state
An understanding of the needs of the population being served
Successful completion of the training requirements and competency-based skills necessary for the performance of specific, assigned tasks
Additional qualifications established by the supervising audiologist to meet the specific needs of the audiology program and the population being served
License may be in progress
Skills & Abilities

Demonstration of professional verbal and written communication skills.
Excellent people skills desirable.
Excellent communication skills desirable.
Ability to multitask
Ability to administer audiological screenings.
Good organizational and interpersonal skills.
Knowledge of computer and data entry software
Ability to communicate verbally and in writing.
Job Type: Full-time

Benefits offered:

Paid time off
Health insurance
Dental insurance
Healthcare spending or reimbursement accounts such as HSAs or FSAs
Other types of insurance
Retirement benefits or accounts
Education assistance or tuition reimbursement

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